Our years of experience in the charter business has given us a wealth of knowledge of which we have grown significantly to customer satisfaction. This can be testified by the number of carriers we have handled over the years.

  • American Trans Air
  • Canadian Airlines
  • Bahamas Air
  • Royal Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Ryan International
  • North American Airlines
  • Trans Meridian
  • Champion Air
  • Pan American World Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • Leisure International Airways
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • Iceland Air


Our Ground Handling Services Include:

  • Obtaining of Slot and Traffic Clearances
  • Check-in Services (Computerized and Manual)
  • Load Control
  • Gate Control
  • Miss-Handling
  • Aircraft Loading / Unloading Supervision/ Cargo
  • Baggage Sorting Supervision
  • Aircraft Cleaning Supervision
  • Fuelling (third party)
  • Catering (third party)
  • Engineering Assistance (third party)
  • Special and Executive Passenger Services
  • Crew Accommodation and Transport