Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance operations are perhaps the most challenging operations where time is more critical than ever. Being required to respond, adapt and assist in practically anything that may be needed, is a challenge that we have the desire and experience to take on. Our staff has the training to respond to any Air Ambulance operation in order to coordinate all services for a fast and safe turnaround. 

Below are some of the services we provide to the Air Ambulance aircraft:

  • Ground Handling
  • Arranging Landing/Over-flight Permissions
  • Customs and Immigration Assistance
  • Hospital and Ambulance coordination
  • Ambulance Ground Transfer
  • Refuelling JetA1
  • Flight Planning
  • Weather Briefing
  • Passenger and Crew Transfer to Air-side
  • Hotel Accommodation Booking
  • Catering
  • Engineering Assistance