Our experience over the years of serving scheduled and charter airlines has given us the know-how to provide first class service. Either manual or computerized we adapt according to each airlines procedures and requests to fulfill their needs during their operation. From touchdown to take-off St. Kitts International Ground Services can deliver high quality service to your valuable passengers, crew and aircraft always with a smile.

Reliability, accuracy, punctuality and most importantly safety are some of the characteristics, which make St. Kitts International Ground Services the first choice for ground handling in St. Kitts-Nevis.

Our ground handling services include: -

  • Obtaining of Slot and Traffic Clearances
  • Check-in Services (Computerized and Manual)
  • Load Control
  • Gate Control
  • Miss-Handling
  • Aircraft Loading / Unloading Supervision/ Cargo
  • Baggage Sorting Supervision
  • Aircraft Cleaning Supervision
  • Fuelling (third party)
  • Catering (third party)
  • Engineering Assistance (third party)
  • Special and Executive Passenger Services
  • Crew Accommodation and Transport